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The Beretta 3032 Tomcat is a single blowback pistol with a single and double action trigger mechanism. It also has a collapsible barrel. It is equipped with frame-mounted thumb safety.

Buy Beretta 3032 Tomcat Online

Released in 1996, the Beretta 3032 Tomcat is a .32-caliber semi-automatic pistol designed for concealment and as a backup weapon for law enforcement. Tomcat uses a blowback design with an upswept barrel, which is unique for a .32 pocket pistol.

What is the control of the 3032 Tomcat pistol?

The 3032 Tomcat’s controls are simple and designed for safety and peace of mind during transport. Beretta 3032 tomcat slide The two-position safety is elegant and positively involved, locking the slide and preventing the pistol from firing. Best BERETTA 92X PERFORMANCE for online.

Browning 3032 What kind of pistol?

These are chambered in .32 ACP (also known as 7.65mm browning) and are small pistols designed by beretta 3032 tomcat 32 ACP to be concealed and used as backup weapons. The Beretta 3032 builds on a long line of small, compact pocket pistols for personal defense built by Beretta.

UPC 082442188812
Caliber 32 AUTO (7.65 BROWNING)
Capacity 7 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 2.4″ BARREL
Weight 0.9 LBS.

44 reviews for BERETTA 3032 TOMCAT

  1. Nathaniel (verified owner)

    Excellent condition everything was as described in the description

  2. Anthony (verified owner)

    Website was easy to use. Check out process was easy to understand. Great way to purchase a gun.

  3. Kaden Arabic (verified owner)

    The most bang for your buck hand gun on the market. I ride a motorcycle and had a holster failure. The gun hit the interstate at 75 mph and the only damage was a few cosmetic scratches. Took it home, fired it and the sights were still dead on accurate and was true on target at 55 yards with 115 gr. hollow point reload ammo. Phenomenal quality and Read more about review stating Joedurability. If you want a great guns grab a canik. You can’t go wrong. I own 4 in the different styles and love them all

  4. Daniel (verified owner)

    easy to locate guns and gun relateditemd for sale and auction. The check out is easy and user friendly if the seller uses gun broker checkout.

  5. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Order shipped.. then rerouted back to sender… said they would ship it right back out to me… not sure if it was sent to me yet… just gonna wait… for now

  6. Thomas (verified owner)

    This gun is very reliable and light weight and is very affordable and accurate gun that comes with a double stack magazine at a very low price i would recommend this gun.

  7. Richard (verified owner)

    done fit right and perfect on belt

  8. Leo (verified owner)

    Every transaction has gone exactly as it should. I have never had an issue with anything that I purchased through them. I am very grateful to have access to this site. Keep up the good work!

  9. Riley (verified owner)

    My purchase was delivered quickly and was exactly as advertised. No hidden fees

  10. Bryan (verified owner)

    They would not expedite the shipping so it took longer time to ship back to them and more time to ship back to me.They told me that the GM did not want to pay for it. When i called to let them know it’s the wrong gun it took 5 phone calls and two emails to get any respond.

  11. Logan (verified owner)

    Used LEO Glock 17. Had mine for a year now. Solid shooter and very reliable, as you would expect from a Glock. But it also comes with the LEO Glock night sights, and I find the history as a service pistol to be a great plus as this is in my personal collection. Have carried it as well, would recommend.

  12. Thomas (verified owner)

    You need to improve your customer service. Try answering your phone and respond to customer inquiries on a timely basis. Your service is horrible!

  13. Daniel (verified owner)

    So far I only have 500 rounds through mine, so I don’t have an over abundance of time behind it, but it’s a great gun light recoil and very accurate

  14. Oliver (verified owner)

    All good. There was a bit of confusion about how to pay. The seller wanted certified check or MO. GB emailed me to pay with credit card. Ended up with MO to seller.

  15. James (verified owner)

    Paid for UPS shipping. Got cheaper fedex! Not happy about that! Everything else good..

  16. Jackson (verified owner)

    It was a smooth transition. Would buy from them again.

  17. Henry (verified owner)

    Best ever place to purchase firearms…

  18. Oliver (verified owner)

    Great experience. Process was intuitive and every stage of the transactions was as advertised.

  19. Logan (verified owner)

    Excellent site with very good service. Very happy with purchase

  20. Richard (verified owner)

    contacted support with an issue with a seller 3 days ago and no response. very disappointed with support. don’t think I will be renewing membership.

  21. Aiden (verified owner)

    Great gun!!! Had a friend with one tried it out and had to get me one.

  22. David (verified owner)

    Easy to use, connected quickly with seller to complete purchase, firearm was completely as advertised and shown in the photos.

  23. Robert (verified owner)

    I enjoy using this site. There are a few things that IMHO would make it better. The search engine seems to hiccup on itself. I like to look for sellers that offer layaway. Even when I select this sellers who do not still appear. The same goes for other specific criteria. Sometimes I can input a specific item (such as a pistol, 380 caliber and it will show other items. It does not always have issues but it would be nice if you could check your search parameters periodically to see how well it is operating, Still, this is one of the best sites to purchase anything related to a firearm.

  24. Samuel (verified owner)

    Best handgun I’ve owned in the last five years. Worth every single cent! Glock on steroids! EXCELLENT firearm.

  25. Matthew (verified owner)

    Customer service person could be a bit more friendly. My experience felt rushed, impersonel and unthankful. A polite, friendly, serving attitude does not cost anything.

  26. Daniel (verified owner)

    It was simple and delivery was quick. I would definitely recommend!!!

  27. Logan (verified owner)

    Shipped FedEx even though I paid for UPS. Boxes came damaged because FedEx takes no care with customers packages

  28. Riley (verified owner)

    This is no doubt this best gun you can get at this price range, can’t see any significant difference in this gun and the Glock version that’s closest to it . Someone prove me wrong!!

  29. James (verified owner)

    I went to several gun stores to see if they would/could get a particular rifle I wanted. All of them said the particular rifle was on backorder and not available for purchase. A sales rep said about the only way to get what I wanted was to go through this site. So easy to do. I found the rifle I wanted right away and added to the cart. Was from a sporting goods store, brand new. Then I created an account, established a secure payment method and when I went to check out. I knew who I wanted, selected them and checked out. When I picked up the rifle from my local gun store, I couldn’t have been more pleased. So easy to buy through! If there were a comment, I would have appreciated a more detailed description about my order, but was pleased and was surprised when the rifle I bought showed up in its own case. With taxes and cost of case, I paid in total what I thought I was going to have to pay just for the rifle, which means I paid about $400 less for the rifle itself. Very satisfied with this site and would recommend to anyone! No hassle and easy online purchasing! Will be going through from now on to get exactly what I want instead of settling for local store selections and not getting exactly what I want.

  30. Robert (verified owner)

    Can you send this weapon to France, directly to the buye

  31. Ryder (verified owner)

    Great feel and lightweight. Awesome.

  32. David (verified owner)

    If you want something rare or uncommon, or even not rare or uncommon, Gunbroker is the place to go. My purchase went to my FFL, where the legal transfer took place. FFL coordination is seamless, and makes the transaction easy and foolproof

  33. Leo (verified owner)

    The best place to buy your firearms and it only took a week to get here. I will buy my next firearm again though and the price is a lot cheaper then buying local dealers. Thank you again for a great deal.

  34. Nathaniel (verified owner)

    Superb piece, light weight, easily concealed, and excellent for home protection. Packs a whollop.

  35. Daniel (verified owner)

    My experiences have all been positive. Easy to communicate with the seller and easy to leave feedback

  36. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Full disclosure, I’m not a “gun guy” per se. That said, I could tell this is a quality piece right out of the box. Haven’t fire it yet, so that’s still tbd. Customer service and timelines of shipping was super, ordering and paying very easy. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another BA firearm, and probably will.

  37. Leo (verified owner)

    Great gun!!! Had a friend with one tried it out and had to get me one.

  38. Matthew (verified owner)

    Very nice holster. I went the paddle-route and am very please. Sturdy, easy draw, easy to adjust retention, etc. Recommended!

  39. Nolan (verified owner)

    No hassles & the merchandise arrived at my FFL in 2 days. Everything went perfectly. Not my first purchase & surely not my last. 5 stars.

  40. Ryker (verified owner)

    I like the site. I look at it often. Although my purchases have significantly decreased. Reasons are the upcharges attached to the order. Often you have greedy vendors that want 3% or more credit card fees and usually that should not include the tax or so I thought. But still. You will find some vendors that take care of thos in their price they are quoting. They are the best ones. I also believe some sanctions need to be put in place to keep some vendors honest. You don’t get to see some of the shipping costs until after the purchase and then it’s too late unless you want to pay a restock fee. I believe that the vendor needs to advertise everything as what it costs unless bidding because then the outcome is unknown. However the site should show the full price of the item with tax and shipping with CC fees if the vultures have any, all in the upfront costs before you even click check out. If you choose to do the money order then make that an option to select and click to show that sale. So many times I felt burned in sales after all said and done paying $25 for shipping on a product that did not even cost that much.

  41. Phoenix (verified owner)

    Easy first time purchase. Mine was a “buy now”. Easy to find FFL holders in my area. I’ll do it again for sure.

  42. Thomas (verified owner)

    This a first handgun purchase for me and everything went as expected

  43. Kevin (verified owner)

    Very nice holster. I went the paddle-route and am very please. Sturdy, easy draw, easy to adjust retention, etc. Recommended!

  44. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Love the SA Hellcat RDP with the Hex Wasp optic. Great feel and lightweight. Awesome.

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