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Fiocchi .380 ACP Ammo 500 Rounds

(38 customer reviews)


Fiocchi .380 ACP Ammo Shooting Dynamics ammunition provides superior quality and reliability for high-volume shooters and hunters. Loaded with the same grain weight as the Exxata line, this 380 ACP automatic ammunition is perfect for teaching and practice with comparative results at a much lower price.

Buy Fiocchi .380 ACP Ammo Online

Fiocchi .380 ACP Ammo Shooting Dynamics ammunition provides superior quality and reliability for high-volume shooters and hunters. This 380 ACP automatic ammunition is perfect for teaching and practice with comparative results at a much lower price, and has same grain weight as the Exxata line.

What is Fiocchi good ammo for a pocket pistol?

When searching for the best Fiocchi good ammo, you need to find a compromise between barrel length, projected weight, and round velocity. A 90-grain shell seems like the heaviest shell for a pocket pistol with Fiocchi black mamba 380 ACP that penetrates deep enough to hit something serious. These rounds reach a speed high enough to spread. Buy Wolf .45 ACP Ammo online.

Where Does The Fiocchi 380 ACP Ammo Come From?

In 1912, Fiocchi introduced the Fiocchi extrema .380 ACP to Belgium, known as the 9mm Browning Short. It was popular during World War II: German forces used Walther PP, and Italian troops used Beretta M 1934; both pistols were chambered for .380.


Founded back in 1876 by Giulio Fiocchi in Lecco (today the family has reached its fifth generation). The Company employs more than 1000 people worldwide, with approximately 220M € of consolidated revenue. It is synonymous everywhere as a synonym of responsibility, reliability, performance and commitment.
Giulio Fiocchi proves his industriousness and technical skills through his personal commitment in designing the Company logo, the shield with GFL letters (meaning Giulio Fiocchi Lecco).

38 reviews for Fiocchi .380 ACP Ammo 500 Rounds

  1. Matthew (verified owner)

    The reviews about this retailer are accurate.. I bought last week, got an email with tracking # all good. The package gets to my local FedEx hub, cannot and will not deliver because of damage and returning whatever is left of it back to the shipper. No communication, nothing. I sent email to their “customer service” nothing, and calling them is a waste of time as everyone has already stated. And yes, the shipping price is a joke.. bring you in with cheap prices and then put you over a barrel on shipping. Steer clear. ** Update** After submitting both a credit card claim and BBB complaint they finally responded and quickly sent me what I ordered without issue.

  2. Garry (verified owner)

    I have used S&B FMJ of all calibers that I shoot at the range for over 4 decades. Very reliable, but they have to be, having been doing it for 200 years. It’s always been one of the least expensive FMJ cartridges available besides being one of the better performers.

    92 gr. FMJ is the only ammo I shoot in my .380 back-ups. 955 fps S&B at the range, and 995 fps Remington UMC FMJ for carry.

  3. Hermanne (verified owner)

    Price is the best around. Quality is excellent. Delivery is incredible. Always receive my ammo in less than a week. These are awesome people.

  4. GClark (verified owner)

    I bought this ammo to use in a Polish PM-63 sub machine gun. It feeds and fires great. The rounds go through the gun like snails through a goose.

  5. Gunter (verified owner)

    Shot off 100 rounds not one issue all rounds hit target and no misfires.

  6. Krimm089 (verified owner)

    Flawless performance and a good deal.

  7. Chris (verified owner)

    Bought 1000 rounds of this for my wife’s G42. First impressions upon opening the very first box of 50 were amazing based on how clean this ammo was in appearance. Was a little concerned as her G42 can be finicky with ammo and basically took the plunge based on the good reviews found here on LG. Upon getting to the range the good looking ammo did not disappoint. My wife put over 150 rounds downrange with not a single FTF or misfire to be had and ammo was very consistent firing throughout the day. Great ammo and would not hesitate to recommend. Will certainly be buying more of this to stock up in the house for my wife to train with at the range.

  8. Randy (verified owner)

    Great ammo. I love Fiocchi products. My Glock 42 performed perfectly using this ammo.

  9. Glockman (verified owner)

    bought a box and i am not kidding when i say half would dent primer but no bang. junk, even for range ammo. i put reloads in after this junk and bang everytime. dont waste your time.

  10. Samson Pride (verified owner)

    I purchased 1000 rounds for my wife to shoot out of her G42. The pistol had fired 50 rounds of other ammunition with zero issues.

  11. Mr Raptor (verified owner)

    I will never shop anywhere else but here

  12. Kenny (verified owner)

    Great stuff for target shooting. Fed flawlessly in my Glock 42

  13. Brad (verified owner)

    The first magazine she loaded and fired had one failure to fire. I reloaded the round and it fired. She and I have shot 200 rounds out of the 1000. Out of the 200, we experienced 20 failure to fire rounds. 1 out of 10 is a terrible ratio. I would not recommend this ammunition. The packaging was not the same as pictured and the rounds did not look the same as though pictured. SKU number matched.

  14. Robert (verified owner)

    Shipping by FedEx was late and DAMAGED. NOT packed well, just thrown in box. 3 boxes were broke and rounds damaged. Looks like old stock.

  15. BDMan (verified owner)

    No misfires out of 100, and fairly clean ammo. I would buy more.

  16. Max (verified owner)

    The person I bought from will not respond to my emails and has not shipped me the bullets I purchased.

  17. Steve (verified owner)

    went through a box of 50 without any misfires. No issues for being cheap ammo.

  18. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Packaging could be done better as the boxes in side the box were worn and torn but the ammo arrive intact looks to be of good quality.

  19. Mike (verified owner)

    My wife has put 200 rnds through her Sig with out any problems or issues. Our targets are at 50 feet and this ammunition has performed well in regards to accuracy. Thanks again for your timely shipping and service.

  20. DDavid (verified owner)

    This ammo is junk. I had 10 failures to fire out of 50 its cheap enough but not reliable. I would never buy it again.

  21. Bob (verified owner)

    Great ammo as expected from S&B. If you have problems with this ammo; buy a yourself NEW gun. ????

  22. Oliver (verified owner)

    Ordered 500 9mm. Got 500 5.56. No use for me. Sent email requesting correction. Still waiting for response.

  23. Tapark (verified owner)

    Solid running ammo. Just used a box I’ve had for 10 years and it was flawless in my Sig P238

  24. Randy (verified owner)

    Shot this ammo in new Glock 42. No ammo related problems at all. It is peaty hot 380 ammo.

  25. Samuel (verified owner)

    Sent email about being shorted on order last week. 0 response

  26. Jaybird390 (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I fired two boxes of 50 in two different pistols and had no mixtures or jams in either one.

  27. Isaac (verified owner)

    !!!This is my own experience and may not reflect yours or others who operate on this site.!!!

  28. Paul (verified owner)

    Ran a few boxes through my Ruger LCP 2 with zero issues. Good choice!

  29. Ryan (verified owner)

    The first time I ordered through NS it was shipped the next day and I received all the ammo. The last couple of orders have went into a hold for three or four days before being confirmed for shipping. On my order from the 11th I am still missing 5 boxes of .308 and 10 boxes of .556. Make sure to verify your order. The last two orders i made sat on hold for three days so hoping it all ships out and I still receive the other ammo that is missing. Maybe they just bit off more than they can chew with the Black Friday deals and can’t process the orders quickly. But they say all ammo for sale is in stock so Still hoping the rest of my ammo shows up soon.

  30. Mummer (verified owner)

    This .380 ammo is the ONLY round that comes close to working in my Taurus TCP, but ONLY the S&B with the red splash across the primer. All other brands jam 3-5 times per mag of 6 (AFTER Taurus has worked on the thing twice).

  31. Lycan (verified owner)

    Nothing wrong with this product. Compared to value, you can’t find anything better.

  32. Lycan (verified owner)

    I have had no problems with this ammo at all. I will be ordering more as budget allows.

  33. Mimarsh (verified owner)

    I am very happy with your service and product and will order again…

  34. Dave (verified owner)

    100 rounds fired thru new Bersa Thunder. One misfire and one jam. The other 98 fired and fed well. decent accuracy! Great target ammo but not for defense.

  35. Moe (verified owner)

    Just ran 100 rounds perfectly.. offhand, modified FBI stances, with two different shooters. 6″ group at 25 Yds

  36. Harry (verified owner)

    Prompt service and constant attention made a new customer out of me. Keep the prices affordable.

  37. Joe Forte (verified owner)

    Price was excellent, delivery was very fast.
    received numerous emails about progress of the order. The product is very good, will buy again

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