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G26 Cut Subcompact | 9x19mm

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The G26 Cut Subcompact is a 9x19mm gun. It was introduced in 1996 and has been the most popular G-series pistol. The G26 features a 3.42-inch barrel, slim grip profile, fixed sights, double-action trigger with a 10-pound pool weight, and weighs just 23 ounces unloaded.

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The G26 Cut Subcompact is a great little gun. It’s easy to conceal and has an excellent, crisp trigger. The weapon is also very accurate. I’ve had mine for a few months now and have put a few thousand rounds through it with no problems. I highly recommend this gun.

The Glock 26 capacity is smaller than the Glock 26 due to its single-stack 6 and 7-round magazine. Glock 26 thick to support double stack magazines from 10 rounds to 33 rounds. The G26 and G43 are popular among many police officers and average citizens as spares. Best G26 Subcompact | 9x19mm for online.

What is the smallest GLOCK subcompact?

The Glock 42 is the smallest pistol in the Glock line, with an overall length of 5.94 inches. The G. 42 also has the shortest barrel length, just 3.25 inches. It’s the only Glock that only breaks the barrier one inch wide.

Is Glock 26 better than 43?

Glock 26 is all about balancing size and power. It’s small Glock 26 accessories enough to be easily carried and concealed but packs a decent amount of energy at 10+1 for its size. Add 12+1 extended magazine, and it becomes easier to shoot. As the Glock 43 is the smallest, it will be the easiest to hide and carry

3 reviews for G26 Cut Subcompact | 9x19mm

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    easy to locate guns and gun relateditemd for sale and auction. The check out is easy and user friendly if the seller uses gun broker checkout.

  2. Logan (verified owner)

    Best ever place to purchase firearms…

  3. Dylan (verified owner)

    Had item in stock. A bit of delay in shipping but was proactive in letting me know.

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