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G43 Subcompact | 9x19mm


The GLOCK 43 (G43 Subcompact) is the newest handgun from GLOCK, a company that has been making guns for over 25 years. The GLOCK 43 was designed to be the “perfect” gun. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and light enough to carry around all day. GLOCK also made it so that there are no pesky safety switches or slides on this gun- just pull the trigger and you’re ready to rock!

Glock 43 For Sale

The G3 for sale is a popular weapon in the United States and other countries. Glock pistols are well-known for their reliability, safety, and simplicity. The Glock43 for sale is no exception to that rule. Its compact size makes it easier to conceal on your person or inside of a bag. This pistol also has a very low recoil which makes it perfect for concealed carry as you will not be shaken up by the gun going off like with some other models of a firearm. If you’re looking to buy Glock43 for sale then we recommend checking out our website where we have lots more information about this product including reviews from customers!

Glock is a brand of polymer-framed, short recoil-operated, locked-breech semi-automatic pistols designed and produced by Austrian manufacturer Glock Ges.m.b.H. The firearm entered Austrian military and police service by 1982 after it was the top performer in reliability and safety tests. Learn more about Glock Company and their products by clickin on the link –> Wikipedia
Muzzle velocity375 m/s (1,230 ft/s)
ActionShort recoil, locked breech, tilting barrel (straight blowback for Glock 25, 28 and 44)
Rate of fireGlock 18: 1,100–1,200 RPM (rounds per minute)
Feed system6-, 10-, 13-, 15-, 17-, 19-, 24-, 31-, or 33-round detachable box magazine, or 50- or 100-round detachable drum magazine


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