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Sellier & Bellot .380 ACP Ammo 500 Rounds

(54 customer reviews)


Sellier & Bellot .380 ACP Ammo has been specially designed for modern shooting cinemas. These cartridges are also equipped with a unique NONTOX primer without heavy metal emissions. High quality and affordable prices are the two main factors of success for Sellier & Bellot.

Sellier & Bellot .380 ACP Ammo

Sellier & Bellot .380 ACP Ammo has been specially designed for modern shooting cinemas. These cartridges are also equipped with a unique NONTOX primer without heavy metal emissions. High quality and affordable prices are the two main factors of success for Sellier & Bellot.

Sellier Bellot 10mm, one of the best is the Winchester White Box. 380 ACP ammo with a bullet weight of 95 grains. But this ammunition is routinely considered some of the best full metal jackets—380 ammo out on the market today.

380 ACP self-defense ammo also uses 90-grain jacketed hollow-point bullets specifically designed for reliable expansion, weight retention and penetration. But this ammunition expanded well but barely achieved an average of 12 inches of penetration in Lucky Gunner’s ballistic test. Buy Smith & Wesson Model 610 Revolver for sale.

We have become ammo snobs over the last few years, but we haven’t found a downside to the Sellier Bellot 6.5 Creedmoor 140gr. It’s clean and goes boom every time we pull the trigger.

So, Sellier and Bellot 10mm jhp (9×17mm) (Automatic Colt Pistol) is a rimless, straight-walled pistol cartridge developed by firearms designer John Moses Browning.

Sellier & Bellot

Sellier & Bellot is one of the oldest companies in the shooting and defence industry. Advanced technology throughout all operations guarantees the quality of their product portfolio, which includes production of hunting and sporting ammunition for pistols & revolvers, rifles, shotguns, and rimfires. Integral parts within their range are specifically manufactured for Law Enforcement and military applications. Quality management is ensured by ISO 9001, 14001 and military standards, which are accompanied by a variety of certifications. A focus on research and development has led to a number of innovations like their NONTOX primer mixture, lead-free projectiles, and infrared tracer bullets. Quality management is ensured by ISO 9001, 14001 and military standards, which are accompanied by a variety of certifications and regular audits.

54 reviews for Sellier & Bellot .380 ACP Ammo 500 Rounds

  1. Matthew (verified owner)

    The reviews about this retailer are accurate.. I bought last week, got an email with tracking # all good. The package gets to my local FedEx hub, cannot and will not deliver because of damage and returning whatever is left of it back to the shipper. No communication, nothing. I sent email to their “customer service” nothing, and calling them is a waste of time as everyone has already stated. And yes, the shipping price is a joke.. bring you in with cheap prices and then put you over a barrel on shipping. Steer clear. ** Update** After submitting both a credit card claim and BBB complaint they finally responded and quickly sent me what I ordered without issue.

  2. Garry (verified owner)

    I have used S&B FMJ of all calibers that I shoot at the range for over 4 decades. Very reliable, but they have to be, having been doing it for 200 years. It’s always been one of the least expensive FMJ cartridges available besides being one of the better performers.

    92 gr. FMJ is the only ammo I shoot in my .380 back-ups. 955 fps S&B at the range, and 995 fps Remington UMC FMJ for carry.

  3. Hermanne (verified owner)

    Price is the best around. Quality is excellent. Delivery is incredible. Always receive my ammo in less than a week. These are awesome people.

  4. GClark (verified owner)

    I bought this ammo to use in a Polish PM-63 sub machine gun. It feeds and fires great. The rounds go through the gun like snails through a goose.

  5. Gunter (verified owner)

    Shot off 100 rounds not one issue all rounds hit target and no misfires.

  6. Krimm089 (verified owner)

    Flawless performance and a good deal.

  7. Hans (verified owner)

    SEALs *used* AKs in a war 50+ years ago, that’s not the same thing as “SEALs use them.” There’s a plethora of reasons they used them, not all were because of reliability. For example, if behind enemy lines, ammo can be resupplied off of enemy dead. Modern day SOF use a lot of different weapons, and train on everything they might encounter. It doesn’t mean the AK is their primary weapon, which is what you made it sound like.

  8. Gruber (verified owner)

    the M16/AR15 was not the same weapon in 1967 as it is today. Everyone knows it had reliability issues, most of which was caused by ammunition/powder.

  9. Chris (verified owner)

    Bought 1000 rounds of this for my wife’s G42. First impressions upon opening the very first box of 50 were amazing based on how clean this ammo was in appearance. Was a little concerned as her G42 can be finicky with ammo and basically took the plunge based on the good reviews found here on LG. Upon getting to the range the good looking ammo did not disappoint. My wife put over 150 rounds downrange with not a single FTF or misfire to be had and ammo was very consistent firing throughout the day. Great ammo and would not hesitate to recommend. Will certainly be buying more of this to stock up in the house for my wife to train with at the range.

  10. Randy (verified owner)

    Great ammo. I love Fiocchi products. My Glock 42 performed perfectly using this ammo.

  11. Hilister (verified owner)

    Good product. No problem

  12. Samson Pride (verified owner)

    I purchased 1000 rounds for my wife to shoot out of her G42. The pistol had fired 50 rounds of other ammunition with zero issues.

  13. Local Ambassador (verified owner)

    Only rounds I’ve found cheaper anywhere have been steel cased which can wear the extractor out (which isn’t a big deal because the savings on steel cased ammo typically pays for several extractors).
    I’ve started using these for target ammo because I like to shoot allot, but am lazy and don’t like to clean my gun every time I put a couple clips through it. Brass being softer than steel, will expand slightly inside the chamber and not allow as many gasses to blow back through the gun resulting in a cleaner gun.
    All in all I will likely go back to the steel cased shells, I’ve found more shells to shoot and having to clean more often being preferable to the increased frequency of reordering.

  14. Nick (verified owner)

    “AK’s have failed”…that’s like saying “Shit has smelled good before.” Maybe. But rarely. Stoppages are a way of life for AR’s, an occasional thing for AK’s. Is the bullet going twice as fast? Let’s face it, I have some 154 grain soft nosed bullets. Probably travelling at least 4/5ths the speed of your 77 grainer. Twice the weight. Half again as large in diameter. Ain’t gonna throw mine in the mud. I have used both. Clean ’em, lube ’em, put ’em side by side and fire till they stop. See which one fails first. You know as well as I do the AK will still be running long after the AR freezes up. Heavier bullet, larger diameter, way more dependable. You know that.

  15. RJack (verified owner)

    there’s a reason the 300blk out is gaining steam. and it’s not only because it suppresses well. it also has very similar ballistics to the 7.62 x39.

    (also the russians switched to 5.45 because weight, and recoil under full auto)

  16. Mike (verified owner)

    Reliable? Aks have failed and the mudtest showed that. Ballistics better than 5.56 in sbrs? Debatable. 77 grain 5.56 out of a 10.3 is still going faster than 7.62×39 out of this 12.25 barrel. Yeah it’s cool and a beast gun but there’s a reason even the russians moved away from 7.62×39 and into 5.45.

  17. George (verified owner)

    Very good feel at the range. Feeds well w/a Bursa 380. Good buy.

  18. Roy (verified owner)

    I have used these in the LCP and Sig P232 with good results. I’ll continue to use them.

  19. Kenny (verified owner)

    Great stuff for target shooting. Fed flawlessly in my Glock 42

  20. Larry (verified owner)

    own 2 ar’s and 5 ak’s.There is a reason and it’s not the price;if I want reliable is ak all the way why do you think seals use them.The 2 ar’s are 762 and because of design both break bolts after about 2000 rounds.I don’t need this when SHTF.Also have USA Draco and it purrs like wildcat .Just sayin…

  21. Larry (verified owner)

    boy we old guys have to constantly answer stupid questions and challenges so ck out national july /2018 and think before you print…..

  22. Frank (verified owner)

    Absolutely reliable carry round. Don’t be fooled by the “hollow point preachers” in this caliber.

  23. Brad (verified owner)

    The first magazine she loaded and fired had one failure to fire. I reloaded the round and it fired. She and I have shot 200 rounds out of the 1000. Out of the 200, we experienced 20 failure to fire rounds. 1 out of 10 is a terrible ratio. I would not recommend this ammunition. The packaging was not the same as pictured and the rounds did not look the same as though pictured. SKU number matched.

  24. David (verified owner)

    Quick and on time but boxes were loose in the package and broke open during shipping.

  25. DON DONLEY (verified owner)


  26. Anthony (verified owner)

    Packaging could be done better as the boxes in side the box were worn and torn but the ammo arrive intact looks to be of good quality.

  27. Mike (verified owner)

    My wife has put 200 rnds through her Sig with out any problems or issues. Our targets are at 50 feet and this ammunition has performed well in regards to accuracy. Thanks again for your timely shipping and service.

  28. Nick (verified owner)

    Although I have not shot them yet, I have no reason to believe anything from here is less than wonderful.
    Thank you

  29. Nick (verified owner)

    Used this in my Ruger LCP 380 ACP at the outdoor firing range. Worked fine but did get a couple shell casings kicking back at my head which I have not had happen with other ammo. Being new to the range, not sure if the ammo or me.

  30. JB hunter (verified owner)

    Was worried about “cheap” ammo but was pleasantly surprised with no ftf or fte.have shot over 350 rounds with two different guns and no problems.i will be ordering more.

  31. Big Mac (verified owner)


  32. Oliver (verified owner)

    Quick and on time but boxes were loose in the package and broke open during shipping.

  33. Randy (verified owner)

    Shot this ammo in new Glock 42. No ammo related problems at all. It is peaty hot 380 ammo.

  34. Ted (verified owner)

    Ordered 1000 rds. Have fired 24 mags = no problems. I alternate regular 2 handed target shooting for 3 mags, then quick fire 3 mags one handed. I anticipated some FTEs, but had none. This ammo has become my CC and practice ammo. Normal cleaning required.
    Very pleased

  35. Big Mac (verified owner)

    I have purchased twice now and in both cases received what I have confirmed to be top quality ammunition at a very competitive price.

  36. Minni-Mike (verified owner)

    Have shot a lot of S&B in various calibers with no problem. Great ammo. They provides great value and quick service!

  37. War lord4545 (verified owner)

    I bought 1,000 rounds last week and like always it arrived in 3 days. So far I’ve put 250rounds through my Sig P238 and had 1 FTE. They’re clean, accurate, and very competitively priced especially when you buy 1,000 rounds at a time 😉

  38. Aiden (verified owner)

    I am upset with the service I have received, and was not reimbursed for my canceled order via free shipping nor 10% off.

  39. Heidi (verified owner)

    smooth, fires well, low recoil, nice , Heidi is the best. Love you

  40. Michael (verified owner)

    Ordered 500 9mm. Got 500 5.56. No use for me. Sent email requesting correction. Still waiting for response.

  41. Mark (verified owner)

    Ordered a 1000 rounds. shipped quick. 500 rounds into it so far and not a problem. Wife’s S&W Bodyguard380 auto eats it up with no problems and has good groupings. will order more soon.

  42. Richard (verified owner)

    The ammo I have received has cycled well and is good quality. I’d give the ammo 5 stars and the processing time 1-2 stars for an overall rating of 3. I have bought lots and lots of ammo online but the time I’ve had to wait for my last few orders is quite disappointing.

  43. Michael (verified owner)

    Received my order only to find out there were only 20 rounds per box. I’ve never even seen handgun ammo in 20 round boxes. When I went to look back at the item description, to see where the misunderstanding was, I couldn’t even pull the item up in their website. When I pointed that out to their online chat agent, Shane, he made no comment on that at all.

  44. Jessy (verified owner)

    This is good quality range ammo. It’s cheap and it works well. I have run about 600 of the 1,000 rounds I bought through a new Sig P238. I haven’t had a single misfire, jam or slow ignition. This is good stuff. I use it in my 9mm and 45 too for range shooting. I use Hornady Critical Duty for my home protection ammo, but for shooting for fun, this is good to go.

  45. Paul (verified owner)

    Ran a few boxes through my Ruger LCP 2 with zero issues. Good choice!

  46. Mike H (verified owner)

    Into several boxes of the set and the ammo performed as well as other brands. The volume discount was great and I especially like the per box packaging. The box design is about 3/4 the size of normal 50 round box so I can carry more in my pack.

  47. Mike H (verified owner)

    My wife enjoys the easy recoil and flawless operation of these rounds.

  48. Dylan (verified owner)

    Ran about 100 rounds through a Bersa Thunder Plus with no problems. Seems cleaner than some other more expensive ammo I’ve used. Will buy more.

  49. Chuck (verified owner)

    the order was delivered in a timely manner and tracking the shipment was a breeze with on line tracking links provided. I am a happy customer and will be ordering in the future.

  50. Joe (verified owner)

    Good ammo for range and target. Works great. I use Critical Defense for walking around in my pocket ammo!

  51. Mel D (verified owner)


  52. Patrick (verified owner)

    I have had mine about 2 years. When I first got it, I notice that there were some issues with reliability, with the first 200-400 rounds. After that it has been a flawless rifle, and I’m well into the thousands of rounds through it. Somewhere between 4000-5000. I think the reliability issues came from the sharp angles on the hammer-face. Once I shot it more it smoothed it out a bit, and it stopped catching. I will be buying more from PSA. They made me love the AK design. I have used ak’s before but never owned one until this rifle. I admit I buy a lot of Gucci guns, so I’m really happy PSA has delivered a product that encourages me to give the cheaper brands a chance

  53. Mike B (verified owner)

    My preference has been Ruger. This time I could not locate a Ruger & this S&W became available thru Palmetto Armory. Decided to buy & also it would be good in Silver to easily I.D. from my Black Rugers. Was pleasantly surprised that it actually fits my hand much better. I now prefer shooting this S&W better than the several Rugers I have located around my house/vehicles. It also fits my shoulder harness nicely. Happy Owner!

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